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How to measure your laptop


How To Measure your Laptop Bag


The traditional way of measuring your laptop: Width by Depth by Height

Close your laptop fully and measure the WIDTH.  This is the longest side of your laptop and you need to measure across from the left to the right.

The next step is to measure from the front to the back of your laptop to find out the DEPTH (... the back is where your laptop connectors will commonly be).


With your laptop still closed, measure your laptop from the bottom to the top anywhere along the sides of your laptop to find out the HEIGHT.




How To Measure your Laptop Screen Size


If you want to know the size of your laptop in regards to it being a 13” or 15.4” inch computer etc, then it’s very simple. Simply open your laptop, and measure the screen from the bottom left corner to the top right.


The general measurements for normal laptops are as follows:


12" PC Laptops: 28.6cm x 22.9cm x 2.5cm (approx.)

13" ⁄ 13.3" PC Laptops: 31.3cm x 22.5cm x 3.5cm (approx.)

14" PC Laptops: 31.4cm x 25cm x 3.5cm (approx.)

15" ⁄ 15.4" PC Laptops: 33.2cm x 27cm x 3.2cm (approx.)

17" PC Laptops: 40.5cm x 28cm x 4.3cm (approx.)